Sinful Guidelines

Erotica can be broken into many categories.  We understand that you are eager to submit your already written work, or aching to get started on that story idea that is just burning through your mind loins, so we won't take a lot of time to discuss all the genres.  If you're really curious you can do a Google search for "Erotica Genres".

The three basic categories we'll touch upon here are Romance, Romantica, and Erotica.

Romance novels/stories tend to focus on a central couple as they struggle to make things work.  The sex is written with a flourish, pretty and not as smutty.  It's more about the plot and focus on the love story.  Romance will always have a happy ending.

Romantica is Erotica with love, or Romance with heavy sex.  Still centrally focused on a love story and the struggles a couple faces, the sex scenes will be heavier, use real words.  (IE "He places his throbbing member against her flower" VS "He was rock hard, and she was wet and ready.  She gasped in pleasure when his cock slid inside her warm vaginal walls").  And . . . we're still looking for a happy ending. (Pun fully intended)

Erotica.  Sex for the sake of sex.  These stories can have romance and love, but it is not the central focus of the story.  These tales are all about sex.  Hot and heavy.  Pornographic.  We'll be looking for more sex scenes, and sooner in the story line.

"Do you accept all three?"

Yes, yes we do.  There's not much we won't accept.

  • No bestiality.  The only acception to this rule is sex scenes involving shape-shifters. While we will accept stories with scenes of were-creatures in half or full form having consensual sex with a human counterpart, we do encourage writers to stick to human and half forms. 
  • No rape, degradation, or humiliation of women.  BDSM is alright, as long as both parties in the scene consent to activities.  (And as per BDSM culture, we want to see your characters have safe-words and contracts!)  Rape is alright if it is not written in detail, and imperative to the character's drive and motivations.  IE You can write about a rape victim overcoming her fear of sex.  
  • No Incest.  Period.
  • No Child Pornography.  No sex scenes with any characters under the age of 18.  This should be obvious.  

Your stories must be well written and contain no spelling or grammar errors.  Double check yourselves, use  your built in spell checkers, have a friend proof-read your work before you send it to us.  We want to publish your stories.  We want to help up and coming erotica authors.  We are not editors.

Think about your audience and what is popular today.  Write something original or re-visit old ideas.  Deciding on an imaginary world, urban fiction, or historical fiction are all great starting points.  Once you have the setting, you'll find your characters coming to life. 

Stories must have a logical beginning, end, and climax.  (Oh, the puns!) Unless you are writing a serial for us. 

We accept group sex, gay sex, bi sex, all sex, as long as it's consensual.  

"Will you pay us for our stories?"

We hope that in the future, yes, we can pay all of our writers for their hard work.  Currently we are looking for marketing and advertisers.  Let us worry about that.  You worry about writing.

We can offer you exposure and the chance to get your name out there.  All stories published here will be advertised on Social Media reaching over 5,000 people per day, per post.  

We are a group of bloggers, authors, and freelance writers who have worked long and hard to build up our own followings and will enjoy passing on the talents of our writers here at Sinful Dreams.  We will get you as much as exposure as we can.

In the meantime, write.  Write a lot.  Become a regular or featured author here.  Build up your own fan base and when the time comes, we can help you self publish an e-book and help you advertise and sell.

Follow us on FB and Twitter.  Promote, promote, promote!  Not only your stories that are published, but our entire community.  The more traffic we bring in, the better our chances for bigger and better marketing which means we'll all get paid. 

We are a community of writers, readers, and fans of Erotica.  Support one other.  While constructive criticism is welcome, we will not tolerate rudeness here. 

Obviously your stories must be original content.  We don't want any copyright infringement or plagiarizing.

So, what are you waiting for?  Write something that'll tantalize us, get our loins aquiver and send it to,