Sunday, June 16, 2013

Secret Desires: Chapter Three

Secret Desires:  
Take Me Now

by SM Bryson

It was by sheer miracle that the two of them made it into the room at all.  Abby was all over Stephen while  he tried to use the key card to unlock the door.  Eager for more of what they started in the elevator, she had one hand down his slacks, gripping his hard shaft through his boxer briefs.  The size of his member caused her to moan softly in anticipation.

Stephen grunted and thrust against her touch even as he continued to struggle with the damn key card.  He couldn't seem to get it aligned properly.

"Stop," he groaned.  "I can't get the door."

"I don't care."  Abby slide herself between him and the door, pressing her body against him.  Her hand slid past the elastic waistband of his boxers and explored further.

"Abby," he murmured.  "If you don't stop I'm going to take you right here against the door," he threatened.

His lengthening member in her hand, Abby stroked up and down slowly, teasingly.  Her mouth sought his, lips opening against him as her tongue explored.  "Mmmm," she mumbled.  It was a tempting thought.

Stephen gently disengaged himself from the kiss so he could focus on the lock.  When it finally opened, they fell into the room, nearly spilling to the floor.  Kicking the door behind closed behind him with his foot, Stephen's hands were already busy.  They were everywhere, tugging at her, pulling her clothes off, groping, caressing.

Their mouths found one another again, fused together as tongues met in a duel of passion.  She found the button on his pants and freed his hard dick to spring into the air at full mast.

 Oh, he was so big, so hard.

They walked backwards, stumbling through the dark while their heated kiss continued and clothes flew off.  Both of their pants shoved impatiently down to gather at their feet and trip them up, they shuffled their way through the hotel room.  They never made it to the bed.

Abby backed into the sofa in the sitting room and before she could fall over it, Stephen's arms were around her, holding her up, picking her up to sit her on the back.  Immediately her legs found their way around his waist, wrapping around him, urging him forward.

Panting, breathing heavily into the quiet room, they continued to kiss one another as their hands explored.  She could feel his erect cock press against the dampness of her panties, searching for its mate.  Abby ground against him, moaning her pleasure as his hands caressed her breasts, teased her nipples.  Their clothes lay scattered in a trail of passion from the door to the couch, Stephen's pants still around his ankles and her panties the only remains.

"I want you inside of me," Abby said against his mouth.  "Now."

Stephen groaned, moved his mouth to kiss down her jaw, tease her with his tongue on her ear and neck.  "Abby, I want to take our time," he whispered.

"Later, next time," she urged, her hands moving to pull her thong down.  "This time, right now, I just need you, Stephen. I need you inside me, I need you to fuck me hard."

Her words were his undoing.  She found herself being picked up and turned around, thrown over the back of the sofa.  Quickly, almost roughly, she was bent over before she knew what was happening and her g-string was being ripped off, her thighs forced open.

"Now," she cried out.

"Now," Stephen agreed.   He thrust himself inside of her.  She cried out with pleasure, and pain, but there was nowhere to go.  He had her held down, shoved up against the furniture.

"Oh, so tight," he grunted.  Buried to the hilt, he stayed there, allowing her a moment to adjust to the size of his cock.

Reaching around with his hand, he moved in between her legs and began to gently rub her clitoris.  Within moments she was wiggling, thrusting back against him, keening her pleasure.

"Oooh, that feels so good," she moaned.  "Oh, God, so good."  She pushed back, urging him to fuck her.

He pushed forward, moving his free hand to her back and held her still while his other hand worked its magic on her button.

"Stephen!" she cried out, her legs trembling.  "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she cried out, lost in the moment.  Noting mattered anymore but her impending orgasm.

Slowly he withdrew his dick until nothing but the tip was inside of her.  His hand rubbed frantically at her clitoris, bringing her ever higher.  He held her there, until he felt her legs shudder, heard her cries of release, and then he shoved back inside with one long, hard thrust.

Abby screamed.  "Oh my God! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh God, Stephen, I'm cumming!"  Then she was wordless, nothing but gasps and moans came out of her as he pounded her from behind through her orgasm.

When she finally came down, shuddering, breathless and moaning, Stephen withdrew from her and flipped her around.  He attacked her mouth savagely with his own, crushing her lips beneath his.  He picked her up and threw her over the back of the sofa onto the cushions, then jumped over to meet her there.

He smiled at her, brushed her sweaty hair from her face and kissed her softly before grabbing her ankles and forcing her legs back over her head.

"Ready for more?" he grinned.

"Please, please, fuck me," she begged.

He obliged.  Fully inside of her once more, he moved her feet to his shoulders and pushed forward, burying himself as deeply as he could.

"Oh God, you feel so good," she said.

"So do you," he grunted.  He began to thrust  in and out of her slowly.

Her moans grew louder and louder, her hands dug for purchase, grasping at the material of the sofa, raking her nails over the cloth.  "Harder," she urged.  "Harder, faster, fuck me, fuck me."



Stephen pumped into her hard, slamming their bodies together with a resounding slap, thrust faster and faster until Abby was screaming his name.  Her back arched, pelvis thrust upwards against him, her legs straight out and trembling.

"Stephen, oh yes, oh yes, oh God that's so good," she cried out.

On and on he pounded into her, until she thought he would break her apart, tear her tender vagina into pieces, render her a broken rag doll.
orgasm after orgasm wracked her body, one rolling into the next, a continuous high of pleasure that tore ragged screams out of her mouth.

When she thought she couldn't take anymore, when she thought it was too much, when she screamed her loudest, Stephen thrust hard once, twice more, then stayed buried inside of her.

"I'm cumming, Abby," he grunted.  "Oh fuck, I'm cumming inside of you."  He groaned and shuddered through his release as he spilled his semen inside of her.

Their eyes locked in an intimate gaze while they both climaxed, her inner walls squeezing the last of his load from him, and he weakly thrust a few more times bringing on aftershocks for her.

Finally, he sighed, closed his eyes, and fell on top of her.   She wrapped her arms and legs around him.  Sighing in contentment, he turned his head to find her mouth and kissed her softly.   Limbs all entwined, kissing one another, she felt fulfilled.