Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Secret Desires: Chapter Two

Secret Desires:
The Seminar

by SM Bryson

Abby wanted him so desperately.  After two entire days of flirting and innuendos, her desire for Stephen had burst from a small flame into an inferno of fire that was out of control.

The attraction had been immediate, imminent.  Long had she dreamed of finding another Vampire Hunter, someone she could connect with.  Someone who understood her lifestyle and could relate. She had not counted on his beautiful brown eyes that bore into her very soul, his crooked smile that melted her heart, or his beautiful words that won her over.  Emotions were high.  Her desire to be attractive to a man, her desperate need for affection, her lonely ache for attention for so long, caused her to go weak in the knees at the site of him, to easily fall for his charm.  Her heart pounded, her hands shook when he was near.  The physical response of her body to his presence was astounding.  Never in her life had she become so aroused from just talking to a man, so damp from a simple gaze her way.

Every conversation with him ended with her panties soaking wet and found her locked in her hotel room, desperately seeking release by her own hand while she fantasized it was his hands, his mouth on her trembling body, bringing her to the heights of ecstasy.

Tonight, she found the fantasy becoming a reality when the unspoken passion and the sexual chemistry became too much for both of them.  Halfway through a seminar, their eyes met across the room and there were no words needed.  They met just outside the conference room.  The air nearly crackled between them as they stood and stared at one another.  Steven took her by the hand and pulled her against his body,  inhaled the scent of her hair, kissed her neck lightly.

She moaned softly, telling them it was time to find a room.  Quickly.  Before they lost their senses here, where any of their co-workers or superiors could come upon them.  He tugged her by the hand, though she didn't need much persuasion to follow him.

The trip up in the elevator was heated, passionate.   Their first kiss was everything she had imagined it would be and so much more.  No sooner did the elevator doors close did Stephen moved towards her, like an animal stalking its prey.  Suddenly there was no more space between the two of them, no room for even air. Abby's breath caught in her throat and her eyes fluttered closed as he took her face in his hands.

When Stephen's lips brushed against her own, ever so softly, Abby made a noise, that soft oh yes, that gentle murmur made against the mouth of someone else of pent up passion.

Abby's arms found their way around his neck, pulling him closer, crushing his body against her own.  Her lips parted against his, allowing his  tongue to explore and tease inside her mouth.

The sound of their breathing was loud in the elevator, resounding around them, echoing off the metal walls, amplifying the sound of their passion. Their mouths fused together, tongues busy in a mating dance of their own, Stephen's hand found its way underneath her shirt and cupped her breast.  This elicited a another soft moan from Abby and she thrust against him, pulled him closer, grinding her pelvis against him, getting as close as she could without him actually being inside of her.

When his hand snaked underneath her bra, his fingers brushed over her nipple, gently rolled it between thumb and forefinger, Abby's knees went weak.

"Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh yes, Stephen," she moaned against his mouth.

He deserted her mouth, trailing kisses across her jaw, down to her neck, where he gently nuzzled.  Both hands under her blouse now, inside of her bra, caressing, teasing, tweaking her hard nipples.

Abby arched her back, grinding against his hard dick that was pushing through his pants, trying to escape to find its pleasure.  Just as he freed one hand from the folds of her shirt and started unbuttoning her pants, the elevator came to a stop, alerting them with a ding.

Before they could pull apart and assemble themselves, the doors slid open revealing an elderly couple waiting for their ride.   Abby felt herself smiling in response to the lustful gleam in the old man's eye, even as his wife looked at Abby and Stephen with disgust.

With as much dignity as they could muster, the two strode out of the elevator.  Their clothes in disarray, Abby's hair a mess, both still panting like a pair of dogs in heat, they walked past the other couple, heads held high.  Perhaps the fact that their government badges were clipped to their belts, as was the practice when not wearing a jacket, lent credence to their credibility.  Most likely it made the situation appear worse, especially to the blue haired woman tisking at them with disdain.

"Hi," Abby nodded at the man, barely stifling a laugh.  The corner of her mouth twitched, her eyes alight with mischief as she winked at him.

Stephen smacked her on the ass.  "Don't mind her, " he told the couple.

The two Hunters burst into laughter, and hand in hand, walked towards Stephen's room. Perhaps it was more of a run, but they were eager to pick up where they had left off.